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Emir Karamehtetoglu (Univ of Stockholm, Sweden)

Emir is a graduate student at the Oskar Klein Center at the University of Stockholm.


  • Internship Start Date 29 November 2016
  • Internship End Date   7 December 2016
  • Project The preference, or not for low metalicity envoronments of Type Ib/c supernovae
  • Host Collaborators Dr. Mansi Kasliwal
  • Caltech, USA

Caltech scientists were the first to directly detect the progenitor of a Type 1b supernova in 2013. Using data from the Keck II and Hubble Space Telescopes, this composite image shows the supernova iPTF13bvn (upper inset), and its possible progenitor star (lower inset), in the galaxy NGC 5806. Image Credit:I Arvaci

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