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Graduate/Postdoc Exchange

Every year, the GROWTH program offers opportunities to graduate students and postdocs currently affiliated with any of the partner institutions of GROWTH to take part in a graduate/postdoc exchange program. The purpose of the program is to maximise science return by allowing graduate students and postdoc members of the GROWTH collaboration to take extended stays at another institutional partner. Longer visits of at least 1 month are preferred, but shorter visits may also be considered. Funding for the program is provided by the National Science Foundation and it covers basic travel and accommodation expenses.

Application Process

Interested students should submit the following application material to

  • CV including a publication list

  • Letter of support from current sponsor at applicant’s home institution

  • Letter of support from primary sponsor at the destination institution indicating that the graduate student/postdoc will have a desk/office and listing the researcher(s) that they will interact with on a regular basis

  • One-page statement which includes

    • (1) a summary of research goals outlining particular deliverables (peer-reviewed paper, software development, new collaboration, etc, etc)

    • (2) a justification for the visit (what research goals are hard to achieve remotely)

    • (3) if applicable, how results from a previous visit under the program connect to the current visit

  • A summary with proposed dates for the visit and estimated costs


Applications are accepted year-round. We encourage you to submit your application to us at least 1 month from your planned visit. The committee takes at least 2 weeks to arrive at a decision on your application and you should also budgets some time after you hear back from us to make travel arrangements.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated by a small committee of GROWTH Senior Investigators, with 1-2 internships approved each quarter based on the following criteria: (1) immediate science potential, (2) breadth of scienc within GROWTH, (3) diversity of participation among institutions, (4) long-term professional development of the participant.


Graduate students and postdocs who participate in the GROWTH Exchange Program must submit a short (1-2 pages) report outlining the research and other activities conducted during their visit. The report is due no later than 1 month after the student/postdoc's return to their home institution.

Contact us

Questions about the application process should be addressed to the GROWTH Program Coordinator Iva Kostadinova.

GROWTH is funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant No 1545949. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.