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Atharva Patil (IUCAA, India)

Atharva had just completed his 4th year at IISER Pune when he applied for the GROWTH internship program. He majors in physics with a focus on astrophysical processes and plasma physics. He is keen to become a professor because he'd like to " do active and high quality research in a particular field (maybe Gravitational Waves!) and use my bleeding edge knowledge to educate everyone and keep them encouraged with the wow factor".


The requisite software installed without any fuss. I also got acquainted with the server set-up which was going to be helpful further along the project. However, my personal laptop hard disk crashed and hence, I learnt the age-old importance of uploading codes to on-line repositories. Food here is amazing!
-- Week 1

I visited the on-campus observatory which hosted the 24" telescope. Wow! I have worked with telescopes before but never inside a domed observatory. It reminded me of my childhood; when I used to see such astronomers and the time-lapse videos of telescope peeking into the heavens above on TV. The weekend started on a painful note as I got stung by a hornet in the bus I boarded for Taipei! This experience is indeed worth sharing: A random NCU guy got off the bus along with me as soon as he got to know what stung me and guided me all the way to a hospital. Amazing Taiwanese people!
-- Week 2

The dedicated server, (intended for the remote telescope communication) finally kicked off! I met an alumni of NCU while having dinner, who had been to over 50 countries! We chatted for a really long time (and we didn't even ask for each other's name!) regarding various things and I got to know pretty interesting things about Taiwan's relation with mainland China.
-- Week 3

Due to the problem of inverted RA-DEC, we've decided to make another trip to Lulin by the end of the coming week and possibly have a fully automated and remote telescope by the end of that trip. This experience has indeed helped me to learn a bit of the workings of the telescope components: the mount, ccd, filterwheel, focuser, dome, etc. Such knowledge might be difficult to get from a book. My Saturday started off by visiting the Giant Panda house at the Taipei Zoo, and it was a first to see a panda in real. Amazingly cute sight!
-- Week 4

Atharva with his mentor Dr Chow Choong Ngeow during a visit to the Lulin Telescope site in Taiwan

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