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In 2020, our GROWTH international collaboration held our summer school online between 17-21 August. Designed to train the next generation in observational techniques for multi-wavelength time-domain astronomy, the school attracted applications from all over the world. Selected students engaged in discussions and interactive Python workshops that covered topics from observing run preparation to photometry/spectroscopy in X-ray, optical, infrared and radio. Attendees also took part in a remote observing session with the Liverpool Telescope in La Palma, Spain and the SAAO 1-m telescopes in Sutherland, South Africa. All lectures and modules from the GROWTH school are available freely on our website.

The GROWTH school 2020 in numbers

  • The school attracted a total of 875 applications from more than 80 countries
  • We selected 82 attendees from 21 countries located on 6 different continents
  • The school sessions were led by 14 instructors and supported by 23 tutors

More about our participants

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Our school is..


    The school includes sesssions on astronomical data analysis of transients at various wavelengths


    The online school included video lectures and live sessions (Q&A discussions and interactive Python workshops)

  • Instructors

    Instructors included GROWTH astronomers (session leads) and your researchers and students (tutors).

  • Product

    The material from our school (video lectures and Jupyter notebooks are freely available on our website

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